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gift deed format

Important Highlights 1. Under Section 122 of the Transfer of Property Act, a Gift is the transfer of certain existing movable or immovable property made voluntarily and without consideration by one person called the Donor to another person called Donee and accepted by or on behalf of the Donee. 2. […]

Types of Contracts

types of contracts

A. Basis of Enforceability.i. Valid contract.ii. Void contract.iii. Voidable contract.iv. Illegal contract.v. Unenforceable contract. B. Basis of Formation.i. Express contractii. Implied contractiii. Tacit contractiv. Quasi-contractv. E contract C. Basis of Performance.i. Executedii. Executory a. Unilateral b. Bilateral A. Basis of Enforceability. i. Valid Contract. ICA, 2(h) All essential elements of […]

K.M. Nanavati V State of Maharashtra

K M Nanavati V State of maharashtra

“Adultery occurs in the head long before it occurs in the bed” Chuck Swindoll. As modern India’s
first upper-class crime of passion, the K.M Nanavati case held the nation in thrall. One the most
high profile cases which India has witnessed, two people in marriage make it a good marriage but
a third in a marriage makes it a bad marriage as it only requires two to tango.