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Civil Complaint

civil complaint

IN THE CIVIL COURT AT ALIBAG, MAHARASHTRA Suit No._____ of 2022 Rajat Sharma Sr.no.07, Mohan Nagar, Maharashtra       Plaintiff V Rahul Singh     Mohan Nagar, Maharashtra     Defendant Suit for the injunction on the use of lake water for bathing of cows and buffaloes. The plaintiff submitted as under: The plaintiff is a […]

Employee and Employer / Company

employee and employer

Employees are seldom aware of their rights, this is one the main cause of their exploitation by their employers.  Delayed or non-payment of salary, wrongful termination etc. are some of the problems faced by the employees. In case of delayed or non-payment of salary, the employee can send a legal […]

Tenant Eviction Notice

tenant eviction notice

In India, the rights of tenants are given in Rent Control Act,1948. When land is leased to a tenant, a Rent Agreement is signed between the tenant and the landlord. Even though tenants are provided with rights which protect them against forced or unlawful eviction, there are certain grounds on […]